Building Acoustics

The request for quietness is constantly increasing especially in our busy cities. Every day we are exposed to a high amount of noise, therefore people have a great desire for a calm and relaxed residence. Our tailor-made acoustic consultation will help you to minimize the air- and structure-born noise within the building. Moreover we can effectively reduce any noise coming from the outside or inhibit your noise to leave the inside and disturb others.
Together with you we can develop cost effective technical solutions which are on one hand conform to relevant standards and on the other hand taking your preferences into consideration.
Our professional measurement equipment enables us to conduct independent, impartial and approved acoustic measurements. This can include the acoustic insulation of your piano, a music studio or any disturbing noise emerging from a nearby workshop.

In general, engineering services for building acoustics are required for:
Residential and office buildings, educational facilities and universities, hospitals and sanatoriums, hotels and restaurants, theaters and concert halls, night clubs, gyms and fitness centers and also for industrial buildings.

We offer computed verifications and determinations of acoustic requirements according to German standards and regulations (DIN 4109, DIN EN 12354, VDI 4100, DEGA 103) as well as according to international guidelines and recommendations.


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