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Owner Dipl. Ing Christian Becker

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Christian descends from an acoustician family: his grandfather, father and uncle were all running successful companies in this field of expertise before.
Christian already started his career at his grandfather’s acoustic bureau (Oskar Gerber GmbH and Oskar Gerber engineering consultancy & associates) when he was 14 years old. After his graduation as a master of mechanical engineering Christian Becker took over his grandfathers firm in Switzerland together with a business partner (Gerber and Gschwind GmbH, respectively Gschwind & associates). The current engineering consultancy ABP (Acoustic Consultancy Becker & associates) was founded in Munich in the year 2000.

Martin Wunderlich
General manager and co-owner

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Martin is handling projects in China since 2002. After his studies of mechanical and environmental engineering he was managing the erection of large industrial projects and installations in China and Europe. Then he managed the subsidiary of a German leading acoustic firm in Shanghai for several years. Since 2011 Martin is co-owner and general manager of the ABP branch offices in China and Hong Kong.


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