Building Physics (Heat and Moisture Control)

Not only the reduction of disturbing noise from outside and adjacent rooms is important to reach a comfortable room climate. Also important is a stable temperature distribution and a controlled supply air flow.

Therefore it is fundamental to avoid energy loss to the outside of the rooms and to prevent the occurrence of condensation water, especially throughout the cold seasons of the year. An adapted application of insulation material in addition to appropriate measures on the building construction enables us to significantly enhance the energy efficiency. The outcome of such measures is apart from hygienic advantages (e.g. avoidance of mould fungus) also is a reduction of the energy costs. Next to saving your money, we also help you in protecting our environment.

In addition to the complete concept design of construction and insulation measures we offer the preparation of official certificates for the proof of thermal insulation according to national and international regulations and standards.

We support you in realizing a “green” building. Any measures for the reduction of energy loss can be appropriately used on new buildings as well as for old building renovations.


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