Room Acoustics

The sound within rooms and buildings can be adapted to specific requirements

Office areas need a calm and comfortable atmosphere to enable people to concentrate well on their respective work tasks whereas concert halls, music studios and night clubs require an excellent ambient sound.
Relevant research results highlight that the room-acoustic composition of classrooms in schools and universities is considerably affecting the learning aptitude of the students.
Also the noise reduction in kindergartens and day-care centers is an important aspect.
In particular the material and the arrangement of the walls and the ceiling as well as the layout and the size of a room are significantly influencing the room acoustic. Sound emissions are determined in anechoic rooms according to relevant EU and international regulations and standards.

We offer following services to support you in realizing your ideas and concepts:

Improvement of the room reverberation time, acoustic quality and intelligibility
Creation of a perfect ambient sound
Noise reduction
Design of acoustic wall and ceiling linings and acoustic modules according to customer preferences and standard recommendations
Acoustic measurement of existing rooms and buildings (RASTI, EDT, D50 etc.)
Room acoustic acceptance measurements according to DIN EN ISO 3745
CAD simulations (CATT-Acoustic) and auralisation
Model simulations
In-situ absorption coefficient measurements


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